"Post Traumatic" currently running on the Tribeca Short Film Competition, at

Directed and Written by James Seale
Produced by Kristin Loudis

Ryan Parker, Alan Shakelford, Gina Scalzi

Production Company:front range films

Country of Origin:United States

Key Influences:70's conspiracy thrillers -- "Parallex View", "Marathon Man", "Three Days of the Condor"

Key Considerations in Making the Film: The idea of using the conflict in Iraq as a backdrop for a conspiracy thriller seemed very appealing -- harkening back to the films I grew up on in the seventies. Stories that seemed motivated by the Vietnam war and a general fear of deceptionin the national climate. The soldiers who make it back from combat struggle to have to a normal life. It was an interesting starting point from a character standpoint, using one man's re-entry in civilian life as the basis for a thriller.

Artist's Statement: "Post Traumatic" is an homage to the classic conspiracy thrillers of the 70's. In place of the Cold War, the conflict in Iraq serves as the backdrop. The idea was to watch one soldier's story through the eyes of a thriller -- with the hope that it may serve as a reminder to all of us that for many in combat, coming home from the war is only the beginning of the battle.