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Merry Happy

Sports Authority

Busy, great week!

Massif Studios

Mile High spot 2 - New Year

Mile High Spot 1

Black Friday

My friend, Libby Baker, tonight on the Weather Channel


Review - Shadows on the Wall

Weird Love, love

Veterans, castles, teleprompters, Autumn and Winter



With a shout out to my favorite Atlanta actress, Kate Mackenzie Kovach!

Continued appreciation

News to come

too busy to post!

Diana Lee Inosanto takes on bullies on the big screen - THE SENSEI 5th year anniversary

A beautiful day on the lake


July begins

Fireworks and celebration

Co-writing History, some amazing attachments, and one kick ass Asian girl who made a movie about Native American's

How did it become JUNE?!!

open sky

May Day!

Busy, busy, busy...

we're at it again

week behind/week ahead

Busy week

Help most appreciated

Rudi's Bakery


Weird Love at LSFF

Appreciation and much love