Oh Happy Day -- Tribeca competition news

James Seale's
"Post Traumatic"
Ryan Parker, Gina Scalzi, Alan Shackleford
makes Top Five in the Tribeca Short Film Competition

There's more information about the competition below, along with the
list of finalists.

The film will be up for voting May 31 - June 5, at Amazon.com.

Again, a big thanks to our great cast and crew that made the film
come together. Your efforts really paid off!


James Seale

Why is Amazon.com holding this competition?

As the premier destination for exclusive content and entertainment, Amazon.com is
pleased to be able to offer exposure to independent filmmakers while enabling millions
of Amazon.com customers to discover and enjoy the short-film art form.

Who will judge the films?

Amazon customers are the judges. During the first round of competition, anyone with
an Amazon customer account had the opportunity to view the films and give them ratings
of 1 to 5 stars. The five eligible films that received the highest ratings have proceeded to
the second round of competition, which continues through June 23. During this round,
each of the five films is featured on the Amazon welcome page for a six-day period,
and customers are invited to submit a rating for the featured film at that time at www.amazon.com/screeningroom.

How many films were submitted?

We received over 1,000 entries from filmmakers across the United States.

How long will the competition run?

The first round of competition ended on May 20. The second round will run from May 25 through June 23, according to the schedule listed below. The winner will be announced at
the end of June at www.amazon.com/screeningroom.

Here are the five finalists:

Film Title Filmmaker Dates for Rating This Film
"Fragile" David Cumbo May 25 - May 30
"Post Traumatic" James Seale May 31 - June 5
"Street Therapy" Jason Rice June 6 - June 11
"Push Hands" Stephanie Green June 12 - June 17
"The Connection" Kenneth Beaumont June 18 - June 23