"Stunt Coordinator" Oscar being considered

In the month to come, the Academy is considering creation of an Oscar for "Stunt Coordination". Long overdue, I think, for an artform that has resulted in loss of life, and has made such a huge impact to the success of so many films. Imagine the end of "Scarface" without Al Pacino falling from the second floor into the marble pool below, the wave of blood at impact...

Some of my first work as a teenager was with a stunt show. Is there an actor who, even as an ingenue playing one of Shakespeare's cross-dressing heroines, didn't have to train for a few months to wrap their unsure hands around the hilt of a sword to prove their "manhood"? More recently, I was in Prague when the stuntman was lost on "XXX", leaving behind a family -- as performers who work in an artform that is so collaborative, it seems intuitive that these courageous men and woman would be getting the deserved recognition for all their training and dedication.