11:59 at Montreal Film Festival

We're proud to announce that "11:59" is an official selection of the Montreal World Film Festival! Montreal is one of the top festivals in the world and we'll be darn proud to have our first screening there. The festival is held between August 26th and September 5th and word has it they speak French there. So likely we'll be lost most of the festival.

We'll keep you posted on screening dates and times. So if you just happen to be strolling through Montreal in late August and want to get a sneak peak of the film, feel free to come visit us. If not and you actually...work, we have more news to come...

Your Friends,

The So-called "Filmmakers" at Double Edge Films


Congratulations to Jamin and DoubleEdge films. We shot this a year ago last Fall. I play a news anchor, Paula. Check out the trailer at http://www.doubleedgefilms.com