one more week

Just one more week of production on "The Sensei" for me, and then it will be time to say "goodbye" -- to the cast and crew, to the character, and her lovely hair color. Her wardrobe is mostly mine, so I'll be taking that home with me. What can I say -- I'm a hippie wannabe. This will perhaps make people laugh at me when the film is out, but Vanessa (wardrobe) was responsible for the ensembles, so I'll credit her with that. When/if allowed, I'll post more with my production journal, research, and images.

It's been a journey and I'll really miss it when I wrap next week. A great crew, full of interesting/benevolent characters, and a really great cast, and talent all around. Professionalism around every corner and I can't be happier to have been a part of this production. A little cooler temperatures would be my regret. But I guess "The Sensei" in nothing but bikinis and speedos would have detracted from the message.

And an amazing message it is.

To follow. Production beginning on "Document", my day on set less than five days after my last day on "The Sensei", to be followed, in days, by my first day on set of "Pathways".