"11:59" making it's theatrical premiere on Friday

Double Edge Films, helmed by writer/director Jamin Winans announces the opening of their award winning feature film “11:59”.

“11:59” will open on Friday, February 17th, 2006 and will play at the Starz Encore Tivoli Center until March 2nd, 2006, then continue opening in other cities throughout the country.

View the trailer of “11:59 at >www.DoubleEdgeFilms.com/player/1159player.html ><http://www.doubleedgefilms.com/player/1159player.html> .

“11:59” is the story of a jaded news photojournalist who has just broken the story of his career. Suddenly, he wakes up in a field in the middle of nowhere, and tries to piece together the past 24 hours.

“11:59” premiered at the Montreal World Film Festival in August, won the Best Narrative Feature award at the Kansas International Film Festival and continues to play the film festival circuit.

“11:59” follows up Jamin Winans’ acclaimed short film “SPIN” (8 minutes). After a remarkable web-based release of “SPIN”, Winans quickly gained international attention as the film quickly became a viral web film. “It was amazing, within a week we had over a million people all around the world watching “Spin”, said Winans.

View “SPIN” at: www.DoubleEdgeFilms.com/spin/player.html http://www.doubleedgefilms.com/spin/player.html> .

As a result of the “Spin” popularity, Dog Productions (Paris, France), director Luc Besson’s (The Professional, The Fifth Element, La Femme Nakita) advertising agency, signed the Denver talent, Jamin Winans for commercial representation in France and Europe. Alexandra Rousel, Executive Producer of Dog Productions comments, “When I saw “SPIN” I was really impressed by the originality of the script. There is a modern poetic atmosphere that you can feel the idea of wanting to change a tragic situation into a positive one. This is the type of reflection we need now more than ever. Overall it was very well edited and told a great story, which is why I asked Jamin to be sign on with Dog Productions.”

Jamin Winans and Double Edge Films have been building their film company in Denver, Colorado. “We’re excited “11:59” and “SPIN” are doing well, but we’re not planning on moving away with the recent successes. Denver is my home and I want to keep making movies here”, says Winans.