Diana Lee Inosanto -- APA Women on the Verge of Success

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"This next woman is a whirlwind of a person, and thus, we should all be aware: Diana Lee Inosanto is a mother, a wife, a writer, a director, an actress, and the living embodiment of the power of martial arts. The daughter of living martial arts legend, Dan Inosanto,
and the goddaughter of the one-and-only Bruce Lee, Diana is well versed in many martial arts forms.

She is also passionately committed to her feature film, THE SENSEI, which is currently seeking finishing funds. Diana wrote, directed, and stars in the film, alongside a multiracial cast. And the subject? Tolerance.

The film deals with small-town prejudice – both racial and sexual – and how two people are able to find their paths through it using the martial ways. This film initially made the papers when it was first interrupted by the small Colorado town where it was set – overzealous townspeople yanked permission to film in the school after lifting pages of the script and deciding the subject matter was not to their liking. This, despite the fact that the principal of the school was enthusiastic about an opportunity to open up a dialogue the film would have created.

In an era where we are beset by lies from all sides, where we are constantly seeing on the news the depraved depths to which people will go to harm one another, it is refreshing and encouraging that an Asian-American woman is not only ready to take on a feature film, but small-town prejudice. I wish her very well, and I hope her dream comes through. The footage I have seen is very promising.

So there you have it – six Asian-American women taking the Year of the Dog by the collar and running with it. None of it was easy – each one has persevered through the agony of the blank page through to a realized production. Brava!"

by Erin May Ling Quill