more good news for "11:59"

"11:59" Actors,

Great news for all of you this week. "11:59" was just accepted to Method Fest. Method Fest is a festival that accepts films based on exceptional acting. It's the # 1 film festival in the world for actors. So what that means is that every actor in the film kicks ass. Well done and thank you all for making us look good. A very special congratulations to Raymond Andrew Bailey, our lead actor, who carries the film and got the compliment from the festival director as being "incredible".

For any of you in LA, the festival is going to take place in late March/Early April. We'll give you the details when we have them.

Also, another good piece of news is that "11:59" has done so well in it's run, Starz FilmCenter is extending the run another week (3 weeks total). So it's playing until March 9th now. Tell your family and friends.

Well done everyone and thank you again for your wonderful performances in this film.

Jamin, Joe and the Double Edge Team