William Goldman

Usually this space is reserved for spewing my own work-related blog-worthy fodder, but just now I'm reading WHICH LIE DID I TELL? More adventures in the screen trade

... or I should say I am NOW back to reading it, after Andrew, the mean boy who stole my book at the long day on a commercial shoot tuesday, sat in a corner laughing at chapters I had not yet reached

At any rate,... aside from the fact that William Goldman and I are fellow alumni (albeit with a 40 year spread between us) -- the author of "Butch Cassidy...", "Marathon Man", "The Princess Bride", "The original Stepford Wives", and "All the President's Men" among other screenplays and novels, writes witty, entertaining commentary on on his work and trade, comments on his oldest and dearest friend John Kander (also a fellow alumnus, and songwriter -- "Chicago", Cabaret") and, particularly entertaining for those of us in later generations at school, the visitations back for seminars. But overwhelmingly it is, thus far (not done yet) a brilliant, accessible, but above all hilarious guide through the parallels of screenwriting.

Highly recommended.