GINA SCALZI -- actress

winner, best supporting actress in a feature film - New York International Independent Film Festival (LA) 2004.

represented by Cathy Reinking

commercials currently running:

Furniture Row
Heavenly Hot Tubs

images in use:

Verizon Wireless
Kirkland Home
Pottery Barn
Blue Cross Blue Shield

complete commerical resume list/portfolio on request

archive of images available at:

check out:

"The Sensei"

in post

available trailers and short films:

“The Sensei” at

"Post Traumatic" can be watched in full at:

Additionals trailers for other films: (rated R)

New Year of to a busy start!

ADR and got to spend some time with my director, castmates, and friends on "The Sensei".

Great to meet you Harry and thanks for your patience with my ramblings at lunch!!

New jobs on the ever expanding horizon with high hopes of working with old friends, taking me to new places. news as it arrives!

Thanks for everything Peter.