I am pleased to announce that Matthew Boger and Tim Zaal will be
appearing on OPRAH this Wednesday, June 6.

Check your local TV listings for air time. (You can also go to www.oprah.com and click on "tune in next week" in the bottom right of the screen. Then click on Wednesday, June 6.)

Matthew and Tim will be in the first segment.

Many of you saw Matthew and Tim present "From Hate To Hope," at The Museum of Tolerance last July, at an event in conjunction with The Human Rights Campaign. This is the story of the victim of a hate crime confronting the perpetrator more than twenty years later.

Tim Zaal was once a white supremacist with the White Aryan Resistance. Matthew Boger, as a teenager was kicked out of his home in Northern California for being Gay. Ultimately Matthew ended up homeless living in Hollywood. It was in Hollywood more than twenty years ago that members of Tim's violent gang attacked and nearly killed Matthew. Fortunately Matthew survived and later was able to get off the streets. Matthew attended school and became a successful hair stylist.

After the brutal murder of Matthew Shepherd, Matthew Boger wanted to do something positive from his own personal experiences. He first volunteered at The Museum of Tolerance and later accepted a full time position with the Museum as the floor manager. This position entails a lot of skill dealing with the inflow of Museum guests; including youth programs, law enforcement, the public, and visiting dignitaries.

With difficulty, Tim broke away from the White Supremacist Movement. Later Tim began speaking at The Museum of Tolerance. By chance, Tim was asked to meet with Matthew to discuss some ideas on how to handle a group of 'at risk' youths coming to The Museum of Tolerance. It was a meeting over coffee that each realized who the other was more than twenty years later! Every time you hear their story you gain greater insight into how Hate develops and the potential for Tolerance when people learn respect for> all the differences in human kind.

Watch OPRAH in the afternoon, on late night, tape or Tivo, but don't> miss this episode! It will be fascinating!

"From Hate To Hope," may be seen live at The Museum of Tolerance the> second Friday of every month, at 2:00 PM.