Another "The Sensei" article

The Sensei Movie KO'S Hate Crimes

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Provided by: Stephen Blea

Contributed by: Stephen Blea on 12/11/2007

I just recently seen a preview of the movie "The Sensei" this past
Saturday with fellow cast members of the film.
An honest word of advice to all that want to see this movie, AIDS
shows no mercy on anyone period. I also can say the movie hits and
jabs it way to every form of prejudice that our society shows towards
gays, women and especially towards the blindness towards AIDS victims.
The movie is very powerful and heartwarming.
An eye opener for all to see, especially when we all can reach down in
our hearts and see that we are all God's children and we are all
different in and each and every way.
I had a brief cameo performance as a boxing referee in the movie, as
well as my good friend C. C. Edwards, to me personally a great
opportunity to be a part of great movie and especially being involved
in a great humanity project that needs to be shared and viewed by all.

The movie was beautifully written and directed by Diana Lee Inosanto
and produced by Tark Heitmann and Ron Balicki. Featuring, Michael O'
Laskey and presented by, Zen Mountain Productions.

In closing I want to dedicate this write up to a couple of my departed friends,
Joe Gallegos and Rudy Lopez and even though people thought you were
differnet because you were gay and you both grew up in the crazy times
of the 70's & 80's you both showed alot of courage of who you were and
always respected me as a true friend and also a "Peace Out & Rest in
Peace"to Matthew Shepard and all other victims of hate crimes.