"The Sensei" benefit screening for Matthew Shepard Foundation's benefit for Rainbow Alley

Diana Lee Inosanto, Ron Balicki, and Tarik Heitman introduce the cast of "The Sensei" for Q&A at the benefit screening last night, part of the Matthew Shepard Foundation's "Untitled Film Festival: a Benefit for Rainbow Alley".

It was great to see the film with an audience and answer questions, share some stories, and meet some great people. Particularly great to meet the guys who flew down from Alaska where "The Sensei" screened for World Aids Day last week, and received a standing ovation:

12/2/07 4:32am
Hello Sensei Team,

I am in Anchorage, Alaska. I showed the film tonight for World AIDS
Day here (for what I thought would be a small group of people), and my
hosts were able, a few days ago, to put an advertisement of my film
onthe website of the Anchorage Intl' Film Festival that is going on
simultaneously right now--so we were able to piggy back on top of this
film festival.

I am happy to report, it was a packed house at a movie theater that
sits 120 people (over 111 people)--very mixed and diverse crowd
(straight, gay, Christian, Jewish, martial artists, White, Black,
Asian, Hispanic--huge spectrum).

They laughed,cried, cheered,yelled out loud during the fights scene
and clapped, laughed and cried some more and when the film was
done...they gave the film a standing ovation!!! They loved our
actors, they loved the production and said a huge "Thank You for
making the film"--they loved you guys!



More well-deserved success for Diana Lee Inosanto!!!