CHI shoot

Thanks to everybody at CPG today!! Thanks for the patience and direction Sue, and Todd for just being so damn cute!!! And it was great to see you, and relive those nights in the hot tub Scott ;))!! Oh, and thanks for the helpful notes as well. Thanks again, Pat for your devotion to my slippery hair. All the Brooklyn/NJ accents made me feel very "familial".

Frank, I don't think I ever want to have to work without you again!! I have you and yours in my thoughts as these days go by. Good LUCK!

And after much discussion, we have concluded that I will introduce you, my dear, as to job title, as "My Holly",... come your next set visitation. There is no word for "personalassistant/publicist/masseuse/personalpotter/bosomfriend" "MY" will have to do.