Document Screening at Starz

"Sexy and sensual"
"Funny, wild, and touching"
"A brave, true, movie"

This is what audience members are saying about Michael Brody's feature film DOCUMENT.

is playing a final two nights at the Starz FilmCenter
Thursday July 22nd and Saturday July 24th.
The shows begin at 7pm
Michael will do an Intro before and a Q & A afterward.

Our website is where you can preview the trailer and also purchase merchandise.
The film is rated 'R'

The film is a coming-of-age story about two young guys who leave small-town America for L.A. in order to pursue their dreams, only to bring all of their troubles with them (think cutting, cross-dressing and women galore!)

Please bring friends and enjoy a great night out!
Your support will forever be appreciated.

Thanks and all the best,
The Producers of "Document"