Diana Lee Inosanto, of THE SENSEI, wins multiple honors

Congratulations to my dedicated friends Diana Lee Inosanto and Ron Balicki for picking up 5 awards at the ActionOnFilm International Festival, and all their hard work and diligence on their film "Sinners And Saints", featuring the inimitable Bas Rutten, who earned an AOF Award for "Best Villain". Support independent filmmaking and check out this gritty action film via NetFlix or other rental avenues. AOF International Film Festival Award Show 2012. SINNERS AND SAINTS WON 5 of our 10 nominations!!! We picked up **BEST PICTURE** along with **ACTION FILM of the YEAR**! Costas Mandylor was awarded BEST ACTOR, Johnny Strong took home **BREAKOUT ACTION STAR of the YEAR** , and the Former UFC Champ, Bas Rutten got **BEST VILLAIN**! CONGRATULATIONS to the entire SINNERS TEAM (William Kaufman, Mark Rutledge, Russell White, Leon Dunn, Fred De La Garza, Carolina Filmworks, Jay Stamper , Diana Lee Inosanto, Ron Balicki, Mark Clark). A tremendous accomplishment....congratulations! pilfered ruthless from Bryan Frank