Review - Shadows on the Wall

Stylish, bold and full of attitude, this surreal short film explores issues of intimacy and connection, deep urges and needs. Aidan (Ousellam) is a lively, funny guy who has no trouble chatting up girls. But maintaining a relationship is clearly beyond him. Then he meets Solo (Willow), who has her own strict set of rules. She takes a bit longer to be seduced (he uses his drawings!), and afterwards Aidan's life turns into a waking nightmare, with all kinds of freaky goings on as he struggles to remember the truth. The film is sharply shot and edited, with a skilful use of music, sound and production design. And the plot has a strong sense of unpredictable momentum, turning both sexy and sinister as the plot becomes more suggestive and horrific. It's not easy to understand what's happening, but Ousellam's terrific performance adds an emotive centre to the film that makes the strangely violent imagery eerily involving.